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March 23, 2017

5 Indian Designers Willing To Dress Up Your Kids

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

We speak to Aneeth Arora, Payal Singhal, Ritu Beri and more about designing childrenswear in India

PS Kids

Designer: Payal Singhal

Age group: 6 – 14 years old

Style quotient: The designer translates her signature aesthetic to create feminine clothes for little girls and comfortable clothes for boys that always include Indian details. Her line is colourful, full of her eclectic prints and is tailored for those looking for contemporary Indian and occasion wear for their children. For mums who want their daughters to look their mini-mes (!) she recently launched her Mommy & Me line of similar outfits for the mother and child.

Where to get it: At Payal Singhal’s Mumbai store and at Pernia’s Pop-up Shop online.

Why kidswear: “It was a natural progression. A lot of our customers were requesting us for outfits to match their kids. And it also holds personal importance, since I have just become a new mom, so it was a culmination of the two. The market was ready and I wanted to extend our line.”

Designing for children: We go through each garment to make sure that it’s not itchy for kids because they are not going to tolerate anything that is pokey. We also make sure that the openings of the garment are something that they can slip into. Being a mom, I knew about the pitfalls to look out for. Also, we had to keep a certain price point in mind, because while it’s luxury Indian wear, people will still not want to throw away money on clothes that their kids will outgrow in a year. To keep the prices in check, you have to be creative with the looks and make them attractive and cute without adding embroidery or using rich Indian textiles. So we keep it with trendy with colour-blocking and cotton fabrics, and just really innovate in that department.”

Trendy childrenswear in India: I think since the luxury market came to India, kidswear was going to be the next step. First, it was introduced to the adults and then following the trends internationally, bigger brands like Gucci, Dior, and Burberry made childrenswear. Then high street brands started coming in. So there was more awareness. At the same time, there was also a massive gap in India, because if someone from an upper middle class or affluent family was looking for Indian clothes for kids, there was nothing for them. Today the demand is there, there is more disposable income and a vacuum is there for a certain genre — ready-to-wear contemporary Indian wear for kids.”

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