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March 23, 2017

5 Indian Designers Willing To Dress Up Your Kids

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

We speak to Aneeth Arora, Payal Singhal, Ritu Beri and more about designing childrenswear in India

Baby Beri

Designer: Ritu Beri

Age group: 2 – 12 years old

Style quotient: The Baby Beri collection is launched every year at a show hosted for the Blessed Hearts Foundation. While the themes of the collection are different every year, Baby Beri as a label is known for its occasion wear for kids. This year, khadi was highlighted through the clothes, which ranged from feminine looks to playful holiday-worthy ones. The label also showed a line of traditional Indian wear looks.

Where to get it: At Ritu Beri’s New Delhi store.

Why kidswear: It is so much fun to dress up children, especially because kids today are so particular about what they wear. My journey as a mother also made me realise the need for designer wear for children, something that’s exclusive, yet easygoing.”

Designing for children: Just the thought of creating for kids gives you the freedom to think like a child and make clothes they would love to wear. Kids are much more easygoing. Also, the designs can be more vibrant and colourful. However, while designing kidswear the comfort of the child has to be the first priority i.e. making clothes that are wearable and easy.”

Trendy childrenswear in India: Style is an aspect, which has become very important, because children nowadays are aware of what is in and what isn’t. Because of higher disposable incomes and changing lifestyles, kidswear as a segment has become more popular, in India and abroad.”

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