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November 06, 2020

Malayalam novelist, screenwriter and short story author Unni R opens a window into his inner world...
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The Pinwheel Project,
Four women entrepreneurs come together to create a...
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Vaibhav Lodha, FTcash
In conversation with Harvard alumnus, 2016 Acumen Fellow...
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Kanika Jain, Kanelle, Indian designer, fashion label
The designer's inventive manipulation of fabrics and modern...
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Advaeita Mathur, Creative Head, Studio Metallurgy
Ethical workmanship, clean lines and a conceptually-driven approach...
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The fresh list, Ritesh agarwal
Ritesh Agarwal's venture successfully took the guesswork and...
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The fresh list, Aditi chauhan
Aditi Chauhan, who also secured a spot in...
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May 20, 2022

In July last year, a deliciously tight debut EP offered an intimate window into the world of the self-actualising musician Aditi Saigal — aka Dot. — who rose to viral fame in 2017 with a home-made song uploaded to YouTube and is now set to be launched by Zoya Akhtar in her upcoming Netflix musical ‘The Archies’. As she emerged from a self-elected two-and-a-half-year hiatus with ‘Khamotion’, the reclusive Saigal spoke about prioritising personal growth over professional success and evolving as an artiste while grappling with a global culture where self-promotion overrides art
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April 30, 2022

“To say that I felt lonely as a Dalit woman navigating urban spaces in the face of an utter lack of relatable perspectives on desire, does not cover a modicum of the despondence I experienced because of the loneliness.” In a first-person account, Christina Dhanaraj, writer and co-founder of Dalit History Month, investigates the ecosystem in which these desires are formed and how the narrative around Dalit women becomes one of victimhood
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March 17, 2022

Badhaai Do has brought up a familiar discourse around non-heterosexual narratives in mainstream Hindi cinema with its portrayal of a lavender marriage between a gay cop and a lesbian PT Teacher. Madhavi Menon, professor of English at Ashoka University and author of The Law of Desire: Rulings on Sex and Sexuality in India, speaks to J. Shruti about reading queerness into Indian films, and why she is suspicious of mainstream queer representation
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February 11, 2022

Newly minted food entrepreneurs – Ruth Phillips from Faridabad, Karen Martin from Bengaluru, and Jerry and Penny Williamson from Kolkata – share their distinct motivations behind reviving an interest in Anglo-Indian cuisine
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Lakshitaa Khanna
August 13, 2021

As bottled water companies continue to remove beneficial, naturally present minerals and nutrients through “purifying” processes, Lakshitaa Khanna has made it her business to learn everything she can about water’s varying flavours, textures and other properties, which are surprisingly complex. She talks to us about how she ended up in this unconventional profession and the importance of going back to the source
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Shantanu Pandit
July 15, 2021

Melancholic and melodic, Shantanu Pandit’s new music is the perfect antidote to these fraught times. Marked with advanced maturity folded over a keen sense of awareness and authenticity – it has the potential to cut across age groups, from adolescents through to those in their mid-thirties. But within them, the prime takers for his debut album Milk Teeth may just be the adamant romantics seeking comfort in a past innocence after “adulting” and looking to view the world anew, much like Pandit
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Zuby Johal painting the prosthetic teeth for a character in Ghost Stories
June 11, 2021

Movie prosthetics artist Zuby Johal uses innovative make-up techniques and can scare the wits out of you…. She also displays an innate love of fashion, with the desire to extend her expertise in working with silicone to the clothing and lifestyle sectors…
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