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July 14, 2020

Five students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology's graduating class discuss the state of their mental health and creativity,...
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Verve Trendsetters

The Pinwheel Project,
Four women entrepreneurs come together to create a...
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Vaibhav Lodha, FTcash
In conversation with Harvard alumnus, 2016 Acumen Fellow...
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Kanika Jain, Kanelle, Indian designer, fashion label
The designer's inventive manipulation of fabrics and modern...
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Advaeita Mathur, Creative Head, Studio Metallurgy
Ethical workmanship, clean lines and a conceptually-driven approach...
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The fresh list, Ritesh agarwal
Ritesh Agarwal's venture successfully took the guesswork and...
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The fresh list, Aditi chauhan
Aditi Chauhan, who also secured a spot in...
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Masilo, Eisha Maskara Sheth, Kshitij Sheth
July 10, 2020

Founder of the conscious baby products brand Masilo, Eisha Maskara Sheth, and her husband, Kshitij Sheth, share tips for first-time parents who want to kickstart safe habits when it comes to shopping for their newest family member
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Beyond Meat, Candy & Green, clean eating, Dalgona coffee, eat consciously, ethical food practices, EVO Foods, Featured, food sustainability, Impossible Foods, James Wilks, Lavaash by Saby, local ingredients, meat eaters, Megha Kohli, Netflix' The Game Changers, non-vegetarians, Olive Bar & Kitchen, omnivores, phenti hui coffee, plant-based meat, plant-based protein foods, responsible eating, Shraddha Bhansali, sustainable cooking practices, veganism
July 07, 2020

Even though certain claims by vegans as well as omnivores are backed by science, there is no objective answer to the question of which dietary doctrine is more effective. So, while chef and meat eater Megha Kohli and vegan restaurateur Shraddha Bhansali may not eat off the same plate, they unequivocally agree on the need to consume more responsibly. During an engaging video conference, the two women share their thoughts on ethical food practices
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Advance Locality Management, ALM, city infrastructure, coastal road project, community participation, environmental preservation, Featured, Indrani Malkani, international Ashoka fellowship for social entrepreneurship, Little Gibbs Road ALM, Model School Bus Service, Mumbai metro, neighbourhood activism, Residents’ Association for Malabar Hill, V Citizens Action Network, VCAN, Zero Garbage Malabar Hill

As someone who has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life for her fellow Mumbaiites, Indrani Malkani’s work is never done. Verve gets the VCAN (V Citizens Action Network) head to take the afternoon off from her civic duties and talk about matters closest to her heart
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Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer at Tiffany & Co. and chairman and president at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation
June 30, 2020

In keeping with the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer at Tiffany & Co. and chairman and president at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, enlightens Shirin Mehta on the efforts that make the jewellery giant an industry leader in transparency
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Roshan Netalkar, founder and festival director of Echoes of Earth
June 19, 2020

Indian music festivals have been demonstrating a refreshing sense of responsibility in terms of their ecological impact. Interacting with stakeholders who strive to make these large-scale events greener, Akhil Sood investigates the reasons behind the improved attitudes of audiences and the increase in corporate support
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Sahar Mansoor, founder and CEO of the Bengaluru-based zero-waste social enterprise Bare Necessities

As Generation X and xennials grapple with fully transitioning to conscious living, young millennials and Generation Z are leading the charge to reverse human-caused environmental damage. Sahar Mansoor, founder and CEO of the Bengaluru-based zero-waste social enterprise Bare Necessities, has a simple overarching philosophy: consume less and stay positive. Aalika Mahindra gets deeper into the mindset of the action-oriented earth advocate
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June 04, 2020

These “post-climate-change entrepreneurs” are upgrading the quality of our lives with sustainable products that have an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic. Jenny Pinto (Oorjaa), Aakriti Kumar (Differniture), Veena Balakrishnan (Everwards), Priyanka Narula (The Wicker Story), Shashank Gautam (Mianzi), Anika Parashar and Roopam Gupta (The Woman’s Company), Neha Vij (Auro Candles) and Rishab Bothra (Twisty) are all reinventing home decor and lifestyle accessories. Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena quizzes them about their innovatory long-term solutions for our daily needs
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