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May 20, 2022

In July last year, a deliciously tight debut EP offered an intimate window into the world of the self-actualising musician Aditi Saigal — aka Dot. — who rose to viral fame in 2017 with a home-made song uploaded to YouTube and is now set to be launched by Zoya Akhtar in her upcoming Netflix musical ‘The Archies’. As she emerged from a self-elected two-and-a-half-year hiatus with ‘Khamotion’, the reclusive Saigal spoke about prioritising personal growth over professional success and evolving as an artiste while grappling with a global culture where self-promotion overrides art
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Hot Pants

Photographed by Anish Sarai. Styling by Akanksha Pandey. Hair and Make-up by Shivani Joshi. Model: Doyel Joshi. Assistant Stylist: Sarah Rajkotwala.

Recognising the salwar’s utility beyond traditional wear, Verve envisions different interpretations of the garment on interdisciplinary artist and creative director Doyel Joshi, offering a future-looking maximalist mood board to revive its use for fashion’s new generation
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A Family Affair

Text by: Vanya Lochan

‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ marked a pivotal departure for mainstream Indian cinema with the casting of Paresh Rawal as the same character played by Rishi Kapoor, who passed away unexpectedly during the filming. We consider the willing acceptance of this unconventional solution — likely encouraged by Ranbir Kapoor’s personalised introduction before the opening credits — and what it says about Indian spectatorship, celebrity culture and the audience’s relationship with Bollywood’s “first family”
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Notes on Dissonance

Illustration by Opashona Ghosh.

“To say that I felt lonely as a Dalit woman navigating urban spaces in the face of an utter lack of relatable perspectives on desire, does not cover a modicum of the despondence I experienced because of the loneliness.” In a first-person account, Christina Dhanaraj, writer and co-founder of Dalit History Month, investigates the ecosystem in which these desires are formed and how the narrative around Dalit women becomes one of victimhood
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April 28, 2022

Desperately Seeking Myself

Interview by J. Shruti

Economist and author of the popular book ‘Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh: India’s Lonely Young Women and the Search for Intimacy’, Shrayana Bhattacharya breaks down her findings on romantic desire and freedom, fantasising as a form of self-care and how the Bollywood superstar’s icon interacts with the socio-economic structures that define our deeply capitalistic notions of romantic love
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April 20, 2022

While We’re Young

Conceptualised by Akanksha Pandey

Five creative minds return to their hometowns where they spent their formative years. In distinctive visual explorations, they capture particular groups of these cities’ younger populations in their environments and offer a perspective on the shifts in the social and cultural milieus in a digitalised world
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