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February 15, 2018

Get Inspired By The Narratives Of These Marathon Runners

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Two women who won big at the Tata Mumbai Marathon last month talk to us about their training sessions, standout moments and reasons for running

Who: Elsie Nanji
Finish Time: 02:11:30
Secured: 1st rank in the half marathon in the 60-64 years female category.

How did you prepare for the marathon?
I trained throughout the year, which involved running 10 kms three times a week, signing up for strength training sessions at the gym, practising yoga at home and going for swims at the club.

Why do you run? 
Running outdoors gives me a huge adrenaline rush. I prefer going on early morning runs as I love to watch the city awaken. I also make it a point to go running during my travels as it helps me discover little nuances about new places.

What are the thoughts that go through your mind while you’re running? 
There’s no steady line of thought — it’s more like a stream of consciousness.

What was your toughest moment during this year’s marathon?
It was when I started experiencing cramps at the 15 km mark. It’s quite disconcerting when your mind has the will but your body refuses to cooperate in spite of the months of training you put it through.

Any standout moments you can recall for us?
When the cramps got really excruciating, I started begging for some Volini because I just couldn’t bear the pain. That being said, I did not succumb to it and am quite proud of myself for crossing the finishing line despite the cramps.

Any advice for people who are planning on running next year?
I like to keep it short and simple. Take care of your nutrition and enjoy the journey while running instead of worrying about getting to the finishing line.

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