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Kanika Karvinkop

Kai Schultz, Journalist

Where The Heart Is

Text by Ojas Kolvankar. Illustration by Vishnu M Nair. Model Courtesy: Anima Creative Management

Six creative nomads — who, between them, can call home the global, multicultural communities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Goa — all share a meaningful New York connection. They discuss city swapping and street smarts as Verve asks them about belonging, identity and home…
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Kanika Karvinkop, founder of No Borders Shop

The Reigning Stars Of Street Style: Kanika Karvinkop

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Realisation by Ekta Rajani. Photograph by Rema Chaudhary. Hair and Make-up by Jean-Claude Biguine

This 30-year-old’s style borders on eclecticism and is influenced by the inspiration she gleans from colours, textiles, shapes, patterns and people
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