Breguet | Verve Magazine - Part 2
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Sairee Chahal, Tech Entrepreneur

Her platform Sheroes encourages discussions on subjects like health and relationships, and via the Sheroes Summit, aims at changing the gender narrative
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Binalakshmi Nepram, Activist

This activist and humanitarian is fighting to counter arms and provide for the families afflicted by gun violence in Manipur
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Namrata Jain, Photographer
June 30, 2018

Through stark black-and-white monochromes, her photographs raise pertinent questions on female sexuality
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Harshini Kanhekar, Firefighter

The country’s first female firefighter, she has been challenging traditional gender roles by dousing fires for close to two decades
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Neha Rao, Fashion Designer

This designer aims to empower local crafts and revive the dying craft of hand printing
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Supriya Joshi, Writer and stand-up comedian
June 27, 2018

Operating under the sobriquet of Supaarwoman on social media and her blog, this self-proclaimed feminist aims to create awareness by poking fun at conventional ideals of beauty....
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