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'08 Issue 12

Moni Mohsin, The End of Innocence
December 20, 2008

Window to Pakistan

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

The Dairy of a Social Butterfly flits through Pakistani social life and lands smack in London. Droll and full of localised accents, the recently published book is a collection of London-based Pakistani writer Moni Mohsin’s columns over the past few years. Verve catches up with the earnest writer to exchange a few words on the tenuous nature of relationships in the subcontinent, the role a writer plays and the sentimentalisation of literature
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Monica Dogra, Hard Kaur, Anushka Manchanda, Sona Mohapatra, Shruti Haasan

At Full Throttle

Text by Sona Bahadur. Photographs by Vikram Bawa. Hair and make-up by Jean Claude Biguine. Styling by Hina Oomer-Ahmed. Drum set courtesy: Furtado.

Original songwriting. Power vocals. High octane performances. The new wave of female singers is bringing freshness, chutzpah, glam and groove into Indian music. Verve makes sure they don’t remain unsung by celebrating five sassy members of this tribe — Monica Dogra, Hard Kaur, Anushka Manchanda, Sona Mohapatra and Shruti Haasan — in a rollicking photo fest. Stunningly styled in black and gold, the divas in the making kick up a riot as their live wire personalities and unique music styles come together. Meanwhile, Verve goes deeper into the genesis of the breed that has hit the sweet spot of New India’s zeitgeist
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Angeles Lladro, world-renowned porcelain makers
December 16, 2008

Angeles Lladró of the world-renowned porcelain makers, Lladró, speaks to Verve of their India presence
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Shereen Bhan, Journalist

Shereen’s moment

Text by Parmesh Shahani. Photographs by Vikram Bawa. Styling by Hina Oomer-Ahmed. Make-up and hair by Manzoor Khan

2008 has been the year of financial highs and lows. From the giddy summit of January to the current turbulence, as the stock market fluctuates wildly and corporate plans get redrawn, one calm face reassures us time and again. Shereen Bhan. Verve trails business television’s enigmatic sweetheart
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Lisa Hubbard, Sotheby’s Chairman
December 12, 2008

Lisa Hubbard, Sotheby’s Chairman, North and South America International Jewellery Division, has presided over auctions ranging from the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Andy Warhol. She speaks to Mita Kapur of an extraordinary 27 carat Kashmir sapphire with a double row of diamonds, to be auctioned in December and the great impact of Indian design on western jewellery
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Anita Nair, Barack Obama
December 10, 2008

‘I, too, am America’

Text by Anita Nair. Illustration by Bappa

The historic win of US President-elect Barack Obama takes Anita Nair on a nostalgic ride, as she remembers her first visit to Harlem and the ‘colour’ woes her Afro-American aunt faced
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