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Musings, Marriage Chimes
September 25, 2017

In an industry swarming with trends, terms and comparisons, Simone Louis, Senior Writer at Verve, says that maybe we should just keep calm and marry on....
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Celebrity, Musings
August 06, 2017

How Social Media Brought The Stars Into Our Homes

Text by Neha Hirandanani. Illustration by Rutuja Patil

Unlike the stars who shone in faraway galaxies in times past, today’s rich and famous are instantly available to everyone
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Shilpa Gupta, Blame, Shireen Gandhy

Shireen Gandhy: I Stood There Thinking, “Is This Art?”

Text by Shireen Gandhy. All Images Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road Archive

Just as the world’s seismic shifts have taken people in varying directions, so has art....
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Musings, Venice, Kochi

Venice and Kochi are more than just haunts for biennale-goers
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Cash-Less Economy, Demonetisation
February 19, 2017

Effects of Demonetisation On The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Text by Nittal Chandarana. Illustration by Surasti Puri

As plastic gains precedence, extravagant nuptials are giving way to simpler affairs
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Joint Families, Musings
February 06, 2017

As joint families give way to nuclear setups, can ‘slight’ distance make the heart grow fonder?
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