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May 17, 2017

Watch What You Eat With Anjli Vyas

Text by Zaral Shah. Photographs by Manasi Sawant

“The best way to lose weight is 80 per cent what you eat and 20 per cent exercise”

While her inspiration to follow a plant-based, raw diet came to her while recovering from dengue fever, she was never a stranger to the culinary world. The raw food philosophy, Anjli Vyas believes, is one that encourages constant innovation and evolution. Her venture Bare Kitchen, (where she is founder/chef) examines the role that food plays in our lives, and how culture and diversity continue to influence the way we eat. Her passion for sustainable living has led to the genesis of Saloon Vintage — an initiative that attempts to change consumer attitudes towards fashion.

“Food was always about ritual, having grown up in a Hindu family. My childhood was filled with memories that marry the two and so it was only natural that I began to develop the same rituals for myself. I soon discovered that each person has a different relationship with what they eat. Since I was a child, I have sought to savour every taste, smell and story.”

“People are like recipe books to me. Each person I meet has a unique culinary story to tell, influenced by their geography, ancestry and family folk tales. The simplest dish can taste phenomenal, when it’s wrapped in history, emotion and narrative. Women especially have been keepers of these chronicles and remedies. Their role is a multi-dimensional one and continues to inspire my work at Bare Kitchen.”

“Paying attention to what you eat should not be considered a trend, but rather a state of mind. I take pride in knowing where my vegetables are grown, meeting the farmers where possible and building relationships with those who help nourish my body and mind. Knowing that the produce that feeds my family contains no chemicals and is grown organically is of high importance.”

“The best way to lose weight is 80 per cent what you eat and 20 per cent exercise. So I would try sticking to one cheat meal, not an entire day. However, I get that it isn’t very easy. It’s about nourishing both your mind and body from morning to night.”

Signature Offerings
“Raw apple pie — It’s totally raw and jam-packed with cinnamon-infused apple, hung coconut yogurt, dried fruits and berries. Thyme and garlic roasted tomatoes and rocket salad — the best part is the dressing. Once you’ve removed the tomatoes from the roasting tray, just squeeze extra lime and lemon and mix. You’ll end up with this syrup-like garlic and lemon dressing. Morning cleanse juice — I discovered this on a whim one morning…it’s equal parts pineapple, cucumber, spinach, coconut water plus a dash of cinnamon and a cup of mint. This is amazing for your stomach and your skin.”

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