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July 03, 2016

This Is Where You Should Stay On Your Next Trip To Venice

Text by Mala Vaishnav

Creative Mediterranean cuisine, an unmatched waterfront location and a fascinating melange of past and present make the Luna Hotel Baglioni a must-visit stop

Opening the door of the Giorgione Suite is like stepping into another era. Of genteel living, where the world’s privileged set indulged in languorous afternoons and intimate teatime conversations. Where the minutes seamlessly merged into hours, much like the quiet waves of the Grand Canal outside. The two-level suite swathed in shades of muted gold and green vaunts a royal ambience with flourishes of vintage grandeur in its carefully selected furnishings and artefacts, like the harp-playing cherub who supports a little table and the willowy statuette bent over a clock in pensive mode. The top level, accessed by stairs from the living room, leads to a luxurious bedroom opening out onto a wooded terrace with a view. Two Italian marble bathrooms, gold-framed headboards and cascading curtains complete the pretty picture.

Wander through the hallways of the 12th-century palazzo and wonder at the Murano chandeliers and ornate fixtures before stepping out into the neighbouring lane which meets Venice’s most visited courtyard, the San Marco square. Hone up on your reflexes to avoid a headlong collision with low-flying pigeons and people watch from one of the lovely cafes on the periphery. Acquaint yourself with the illustrious inheritance of St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace at strolling distance. Pick up a painting of a traditional gondola, or a Venetian mask, perhaps even the much-searched-for Bottega, from the gilded shops near the waterfront before heading back for a meal that memories are made of.

Tickle the palate with lobster spaghetti, crisply grilled sea bass and king prawns in a filo straw crust as you sip your glass of Prosecco to the sweet sounds of a piano that waft across the foyer. Top up with a Pinot Grigio and a three-layered mousse at the hotel’s award-winning Canova restaurant that prides itself on locking in the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine.

The Luna Hotel Baglioni scores due to its enviable location that overlooks the lagoon and the warm hospitality that envelops the historical structure of the oldest hotel in Venice. Added bonus: pets are welcome!

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