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April 28, 2009

Holistic Serenity

You don’t have to worry about those extra holiday kilos while staying at The Gateway Hotel

Imagine a getaway where you don’t have to compromise your fitness regimen. The Gateway Hotel, a brand of pan-India network hotels recently launched by the Taj group offers an ‘in room’ yoga program. The brand was unveiled with a campaign that featured achievers like Rahul Bose, Manish Arora and Sunil Padwal and promises guests a refreshed experience through a series of new benefits that include health and wellness.

Celebrities the world over swear by yoga. This in turn has escalated its popularity. Gateway is probably one of the first hotel chains in the world to get yoga into the comforts of its lavishly done up rooms. The guests can opt between three yoga routines available from the videos playing 24/7 on in house television channels. There are yoga mats in every room.

The Gateway team along with the Taj’s Jiva Spa team chose the Bihar Yoga tradition (also known as Satyananda yoga) for its pure, simple and the systematic practices. It’s a style that’s easy for people of any physical, mental and spiritual ability to learn.

The first routine comprises asanas that improve blood circulation, build stamina and correct body alignment. Then comes pranayama. Gateway has selected few breathing techniques which besides energising the body, influence the neuro-endocrinal system to improve body metabolism and produce equilibrium of body and mind. Finally you have the Yoga Nidra, a technique of relaxation and meditation. Its regular practice sharpens mental awareness and removes tiredness. For those who prefer a strenuous workout instead of yoga, gyms at all Gateway hotels are open round the clock.

With increasing travel and health consciousness, jet-setters want to strike a balance between healthy eating and indulgence these days. The group has introduced the concept of ‘active foods’ keeping this in mind. The active foods at Gateway are a combination of low glycemic-index foods and super foods packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals. Glycemic index ranks carbohydrate containing food based on their effect on blood sugar level over a period of time. The aim is to guide the guest through a careful selection of complex carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetables and legumes with low glycemic index and fresh fruits and other quality food products high in antioxidants that provide long-term health benefits.

Active foods are present in all menus at the hotel. Enjoy dark chocolate and whole wheat walnut muffins; blueberry/fresh fruit smoothies; high-fibre cereal and yogurt bar; made-to-order no-yolk omelette with broccoli and tofu; a unique tomato soup with herbs loaded with lycopene; steamed and grilled fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids; super foods such as beets legumes, tomato and apple; high-fibre dishes with barley, oats, mixed grains and unpolished rice. Food served in these hotels is totally free of trans fat.

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