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November 21, 2017

We Took A Shine To This Delightfully Victorian Tea Salon: Tasse De Thé

Text by Zaral Shah

What better way to welcome winter than with a well-brewed pot accompanied by one of the salon’s many musical dishes

As someone who thrives on coffee, a trip to Tasse de Thé – which literally translates to a cup of tea – brought with it some anticipation and a challenging feeling. After all, what does a java-lover know about tea?

Walking into the French-Victorian tea salon in Kala Ghoda, we are greeted by an array of teas and products lined up in deliciously pastel colours. Sorted by purpose – detox, energy, indulgence, immunity, digestion, anti-stress – the glass jars contain hundreds of various blends that have been amassed from the world over. The eatery also retails china in lovely shades, brewing equipment – both manual and automatic and gift boxes. The décor and furniture are complemented by the high ceilings, soft music and bespoke everything.

5 reasons why this place will soon be a front-runner on your list of regular hangouts:
Grab a pot:
 It’s almost unfair to leave the place without trying more than one of the three hundred teas on offer. A lychee infused concoction and another blue tea with lavender are what caught our fancy.

Quintessential tunes: The entire menu, food, brews and all everything on offer are names of classic songs through time! From Hakuna Matata, Maria Maria, Stairway to Heaven to Summer of 69 and An Evening In Roma, reading the menu is as much a delight as sampling the food is. Something Beautiful, a dessert with a spicy surprise is one we wholeheartedly recommend.

Paired to perfection: When in doubt, ask the experts. If not from the menu, the servers will be able to recommend a pot that will be the ideal partner for your food. Green, black, white, designer or iced, whatever kind of tea be your poison – there’s an exclusive blend you can sip on while biting into the many delicacies here.

A world away – Located in one of South Mumbai’s busiest areas, it will take you by surprise at how very far away you will be transported as soon as you walk up the monogrammed marble steps and into its lush space.

In hues four – The tables, set for four, are organised by colour – pink, green, blue and white. Should you be seated by the green napkin, all your crockery and cutlery for the rest of the evening will have a similar colour palette.

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