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September 14, 2017

Satiate Your Appetite Without Guilt At Farmers’ Cafe

Text by Shubham Ladha

With ‘Eat Like It Matters’ as its tagline, we soon realise that healthy gluttony is a serious business at the eatery

The Farmers’ Cafe is not your run-of-the-mill healthy eatery. Designed snuggly, the cafe has warm bamboo interiors carved, woven and painted into murals to resemble idyllic farmlands. The lanterns on the ceiling create an intimate space and the art inside employs natural colours too. Rather than being ensconced in walls, the kitchen is only partitioned for a rustic charm. Conceptualised by Minali Gaba, founder of The Nutty Way granola bars, the restaurant’s tagline ‘Eat like it matters’ is indicative of  The Farmers’ Cafe’s robust menu and sobriety when it comes to gluttony.

The menu has a wide variety of food that moves across different cuisines from wholesome bowl meals with curries and rice to grubs like pizza, pasta, and risotto or breakfast goodies like Eggs Benedict and paninis to even the sublime Lebanese falafels. All the ingredients are indigenous to India and are either organically sourced or prepared in-house with utmost care. The catch is that they’re all natural; Rajgira or amaranth pizza dough, gluten-free or whole-wheat bread, jaggery or date syrup sweeteners, vegan and skinny cheese, almond and cashew milk…you name it and you’ll find it on your plate.

We begin the trail with the bittersweet Belly Burner, made from ginger, lemon, and organic jaggery that tingles the tongue. On Minali’s suggestion, we sample the Breakfast Tartines, consisting of three toasts topped with avocados and beetroot hummus, micro greens, feta nut butter, homemade vegan granola, flax seeds and homemade salted caramel, each of them buzzing with a distinct flavour. The Rainbow Pizza with its creamy sauce and colourful vegetables looks like a rainforest presented to you on a platter. The amaranth base has a sharp bite and the burst of flavour is sumptuously satisfying. The array of vegan chocolate desserts on the dessert menu is overwhelming but there’s relatively lesser guilt in sinning with elements so blissfully au naturel.

While the menu is predominantly vegetarian due to the organic ingredients, customers can choose to have their meals upgraded with meat or opt for vegan and gluten-free ingredients, so it’s a win-win for everyone. By way of giving back to the land that provides, part of their earnings are presented to the farmers from whom they source their produce.

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