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August 22, 2009

Head Over Heels

Text by Faye Remedios

Verve signs up for the D Tress treatment at Rudra Salon & Day Spa and discovers that going au naturel equals healthy, nourished locks

You think way too much. You really need to learn how to stop being so hyper and relax,” says Madhukar Tambe, head healer masseur at the spa, laughing at my incredulous expression. Given that I haven’t yet said more than two words to him and am simply enjoying the relaxing massage, this description is uncannily accurate. After years of subjecting my curls to brutal blow-outs and vicious chemicals, I’ve decided to adopt a more natural hair routine. Relegating my hair dryer to the bottom of my cupboard, my next step is to find a spa that offers a chemical and heat-free alternative to regular spa procedures that end in torturing your strands with irons and harsh products that might coax your hair into forming salon-worthy curls but manage to undo all the benefits of the actual treatment in the process.

The D Tress therapy at the Rudra Salon & Day Spa promises to use extremely mild products, formulate a herbal mask according to my hair type and leave my hair to dry naturally post treatment. Prue Rajan, head cosmetologist and stylist diagnoses my scalp to be “smooth but the rest of the hair excessively dry and in need of intense nourishment.” After my hair is washed using the Color Save Sulphate Free shampoo from Schwarzkopf that Rajan assures me contains no harsh detergents, I am handed over to Tambe who coats my scalp and the top half of my head with a cooling mask made up of fresh basil and castor oil to nourish while massaging an intensive conditioner into the remaining strands to add softness and shine.

This is followed by a thoroughly relaxing hair, neck and back massage with a personality diagnosis thrown in by the surprisingly intuitive masseur who tells me he can sum up a person accurately barely minutes into the massage. After a steam of about 10 minutes, my hair is rinsed out and towel dried. Unlike my normal monthly spa routines, I don’t leave the salon with glistening strands but my scalp does feel soothed, calm and revitalised. I have a sneaky suspicion that my natural phase might no longer be just a fad. It could become a lifestyle.

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