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February 08, 2018

Over A Meal At Keiba, We Discover Delectable Fare Sure To Leave You Wanting More

Text by Zaral Shah

Located at the Race Course in Mumbai, the restaurant’s ambience is only heightened with the beautiful view it offers

Anyone who’s ever been to where Keiba stands today knows that on your first trip there, it’s a long and curious ride through the Race Course parking until you hit your destination. Complete with ambient music and lights, this new restaurant stands where the much-loved Olive once did.

The interiors of Keiba exude an almost zen-like vibe – thanks to the Oriental ethos this eatery is rooted in – creating the perfect atmosphere for all that your taste buds will be treated to over the next hour or two. While a water screen installation will catch your attention as you’re walking in, should you choose to sit indoors, the table you want, undoubtedly is the one that overlooks the stables! The outdoor and indoor sections share the bar, and every concoction from there will play perfect partner to the food that will soon be brought to your table. Two drinks that caught our fancy were, the Matcha root – barley shochu with the in-house matcha tea liqueur and rice vinegar reduction, and Morini batah – a blend of fresh avocado with honey, nigori sake, citron vodka and soya milk. Taking inspiration from the authentic traditions and recipes of the Far East, the fare on offer at Keiba has been curated by Chefs Zhu and Wang from the Nantong province in China, who along with Chefs Seefah Ketchaiyo and Karan Bane, trained the in-house chefs.

Starting with the appetizers, we ask for tasting portions of everything – as we aim to try as many delectable offerings as possible. Making our way through the pan-fried silken tofu in a mildly flavoured soy garlic sauce, lotus root honey chilli, pork spare rib in black pepper sauce and spicy bird-eye chilli prawn, we soon find that we had overestimated how hungry we were. Next came the dim sums and Maki rolls, the water chestnut and leek, edamame truffle or poached Peking chicken dumplings; and vegetarian and non-vegetarian California dream rolls, all proving to be a real treat for our taste buds. With little place left in our stomach and a plethora of mains and desserts to choose from, we finally bring to an end our wholesome meal with the wok-fried aubergine chilli bean, crispy sea bass in spicy basil and coriander garlic noodles from the former and a chocolate fondant with hazelnut gelato for the latter.

Having eaten to our heart’s fullest, we almost consider walking back, at least some part of the way! Taking one last look at the horses, cherry blossoms beautifully illustrated across the walls and vibrant interiors of Keiba, we take our leave, appetites and palates satiated and how.


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