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October 01, 2017

Olio’s fresh menu offers addictive Italian cuisines

Text and photographs by Saumya Sinha

Your search for some of the best Italian cuisines ends here

If you’re looking to spend your extended weekend to unwind and awaken your culinary sense with some Italian goodness, against a picturesque view of the sea, Olio, Novotel is where you should be. Bringing the best of Italian food to your tables, Olio’s fresh menu is set to entice every foodie. Get ready to indulge in an extensive spread of exquisite Italian delicacies — think paired burrata cheese, grilled salmon and panna cotta with mint — with an array of fine wine in association with Reveilo wines.

Olio signifies ‘oil’ in Italian; and the space offers a complete gourmet experience with interactive open kitchens and wood fired ovens. The all-new a la carte menu embraces innovative culinary ideas and transports its guests to the land of authentic Italian cuisines with its sumptuous gastronomic journey.

The menu encompasses scrumptious appetizers ranging from Bruschetta, Olio De Caesare, Cozze Al Forno to Capsesante, while the mains feature additions like Ravioli Ricotta Spinachi, Linguine Pescatora, open-face Lasagna, Angello Al Balsamico, all-time classic pizzas with the restaurant’s very own spin with traditional and avant-garde-esque techniques. Pamper your palates with their pickled watermelon and aragula or relish the wild mustard risotto with truffle and the formaggi pizza, or dig into the gluten-free chocolate cake till the last spoonful, this swishy spot serves up the perfect Italian escape on Insta-worthy platters you’ll boast about after. 

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