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January 02, 2019

Nourishing the Soul At The Golden Temple

Photograph by Stephen Kent Johnson

The community langar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, one that feeds over one lakh people a day, is a marvel that needs to be experienced to be believed. New York-based photographer Stephen Kent Johnson gives us a peek into the workings of the larger-than-life cookhouse

“When I first arrived, I was struck by the physical beauty of the temple and the grounds. And then we went to the kitchens and it took things to a whole other level, a sort of pure manifestation of goodwill.”

“The scale of the place is incredible – the gigantic cooking pots, and piles of rice and garlic. There were vats of chana so large, I could have taken a bath in them!”

“Sometimes it feels like one can’t make a difference in the world, but the kitchens and the energy of those working there, felt like a concrete example of people engaging in their community to make others’ lives better.”

“The spirit of the place is something I will never forget. The act of generously feeding people who are hungry is really inspiring.”

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