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April 24, 2013

Epicurean Delights

Satiate your taste-buds at Mumbai’s F Bar and Lounge which offers palate-pleasing delights in an attractive ambience

  • Patiala chicken with whisky flambé, Mumbai's F Bar and Lounge
    Patiala chicken with whisky flambé
  • Wasabi curry leaf prawns, Mumbai's F Bar and Lounge
    Wasabi curry leaf prawns
  • Goat cheese-smoked cashew cigaroll with chilli chutney, Mumbai's F Bar and Lounge
    Goat cheese-smoked cashew cigaroll with chilli chutney
  • F Bar and Lounge: the upper level, Mumbai's F Bar and Lounge
    F Bar and Lounge: the upper level

The Mumbai branch of F Bar and Lounge is fast becoming one of the city’s premier watering holes. Apart from its attractive interiors that set the tone for a relaxing meal, its gastronomic offerings are reason enough to frequent the place.

Its appeal is enhanced by the fact that it has Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia as their consultant chef. With the bar set this high, the food more than lives up to expectations. The menu has a range of offerings that include Chef Bhatia’s signature Indian fusion fare as well as several Mediterranean dishes.

Whet your appetite with imaginative appetisers. Try the goat cheese-smoked cashew cigaroll which is encased in a light, floury batter, topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and is served with a portion of chilli chutney.

For the mains, there is ample variety as well – you can take your pick from a variety of pastas (the zucchini, aubergine and tomato one is especially tantalising), wasabi curry prawns, Patiala chicken with whiskey flambé, peanut butter chicken wings, tawa rawas with tequila lime glaze, chilli garlic asparagus and baby corn… and more. Try the sundried tomato naan for a tangy turn which lingers on your taste-buds.

End your meal with a sweet something – the gooey chocolate brownie is a popular favourite. It is moist and melts in your mouth, while the caramelised peanut pipette on it complements the chocolate-taste beautifully. There are some delicious sugar-free variants of desserts as well. And this combines to make an experience that one would like to repeat, time and again.

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