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February 26, 2014

Luxury Wine Cabinets

Liebherr introduces wine-cabinets that pamper your wines and yourself with intricate technology…

A wonderful bottle of wine deserves wonderful care. Wine does get better with age, but it is imperative to make sure that its quality does not get tampered with. For this, it requires storage in a cool, dark environment with constant temperature complemented with just the right amount of humidity. This enables the wine to develop its full aroma and taste. Liebherr recognises this and its wine-cabinets have been developed meticulously, featuring optimised technology that makes them even more efficient, quieter and with a larger bottle capacity.

Special innovative components such as the low-vibration compressor ensure the new Liebherr models are very quiet. The appliances stand out for their precise electronic controls with digital temperature display in the MagicEye. They also feature a whole range of new features including improved LED lighting in the Vinidor and GrandCru ranges, as well as a handle with opening mechanism that matches the design of the cabinet. To ensure perfect bottle positioning, the wooden shelves are made from steamed beech in a new design.

The new Vinidor appliances from Liebherr come with either two or three wine safes in which the temperatures can be set independently of each other and accurately to the last degree. The temperature of the wine storage cabinets of the Vinidor line can be set individually as desired.

In the luxury Vinidor range, the two multi-temperature wine cabinets WTes 5872 with three zones and the new WTes 5972 with two zones are highlights for any wine connoisseur. The MagicEye touch-electronic controls make controlling the appliance even clearer and easier. The MagicEye displays all three or two zones in a separate panel and ensures exact maintenance of the selected temperature – to the last degree. The SoftSystem ensures the tinted glazed door with stainless steel frame of the WTes 5872 in HardLine Design closes softly. The wines lie on low-vibration pull-out wooden shelves, with an extra presentation shelf for open bottles.

The larger storage capacity of the GrandCru wine cabinets means that wine stocks can be stored for longer periods, but if required also at the users’ preferred serving temperature. There is constant and uniform temperature compliance throughout the interior.

In the multi-temperature wine cabinets of the new Vinothek range, different temperatures can be set in the upper and lower areas. The resultant temperature layering means different types of wine can be stored at drinking temperature.

With Liebherr, one can thus elevate the wine-drinking experience into a pleasure for all the senses.

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