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July 01, 2014

“I don’t diet on a holiday!”

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

Kalki Koechlin imagined herself performing in the first theatre that ever existed, sizzled on a beach, and ate freshly picked garden food. Read about her Grecian adventures here….

Kalki Koechlin, the star of Verve’s sensational art issue had just returned from a Grecian sojourn the week of the shoot. She appeared relaxed and animated and shared her idea of a perfect vacation:

1. “Sometimes you just want to get away, sizzle on a beach and just read books when you are exhausted.”

2. “This time, because I was going with friends who are from the country, I got to see the real local stuff, not the touristy stuff.”

3. “I did go to the Acropolis, which is absolutely stunning. The first theatre that ever existed, Dionysus, is there. It’s an amphitheater that’s crumbling, but they still have performances…I did think it would be so amazing to perform there!”

4. “The architecture of Athens is stunning because it’s filled with the really old and really new. Complete extremes. Right in the middle of a modern business area will be a pillar of stone from ancient times.”

5. “I went to Crete and stayed with two friends who work for British theatre company Complicite and they are proper artists! They dress mad with feathers in their hair. We went trekking and to the beach.”

6. “They grow their own vegetables in their garden. So every morning we would have fresh salads and fruit.”

7. “I don’t like staying in a resort. I’d rather go to a shack and eat food that the locals eat, which is the really good stuff. Hotels are a bit sterile. It’s the difference between dal makhani in a dhaba as opposed to a five-star hotel. I don’t diet on a holiday!”

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