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January 06, 2016

Smooth As Silk Etiquette

What does being civil miles above water boil down to? The hostesses at SilkAir give us lessons in hospitality, travel and general acts of kindness

1. The golden rule 

They say: The basic principle of customer service is to have an honest approach.

We interpret: The next time you are tempted to pull off a scam, or trick yourself into believing in healthy double chocolate chip cookies… you know what’s the best policy.

2. Know the drill 

They say: One must be able to master the skill of being ‘graceful under fire’ — to be cordial and pleasant even while addressing a grievance.

We interpret: When there is a tsunami of work, the boss is breathing down your neck, the Internet lags and the printer refuses to work…take a yoga break.

3. Lighten the mood

They say: The cabin crew is required to patiently make passengers understand protocol. Often to lighten a tough situation, friendly humour comes handy!

We interpret: When at networking party, or while trying to intervene during an office brawl, a friendly pun can always come in handy. ‘Your mom’ jokes are absolutely forbidden.

4. All in the name

They say: Addressing them by name, always helps in dealing with customers!

We interpret: Pronounce it right.  

5. It’s personal 

They say: Customers are delighted by thoughtful gestures. Frequent fliers often become friends of the airline and recognise our crew by name. In such cases, the crew immediately knows the passenger’s preferred drinks, snacks and other inflight requirements.

We interpret: At your next house party, keep a tab of your guests’ meal preferences. When at work, send your clients a thoughtful wish for important occasions. Brownie points if you send birthday wishes to your friends on Facebook.

6. Must-have qualities

They say: Patience and intuitive service is something we spot in a potential crew member, at the interviewing stage. Crew must be nimble in their service as well as be able to remain cheerful under demanding situations.

We interpret: When your kid’s birthday party is turning out to be a disaster, and there is that one child who is always getting lost, stick it out with a positive attitude and a jaw-burning smile.  

7. Table manners

They say: Order as much as you can consume to avoid wastage, avoid spillage on the tray or outside of it!

We say: Exercise instead of extra fries, always.

8. Travel tips 

They say: Bag organisers are incredibly handy when packing and will keep the bag tidy and make it easy to find your things.

We say: Travel with minis of everything. There are very few instances where you will find us approving a smaller package.

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