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February 26, 2014

High on Food!

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar Saxena

Is food as good as sex? Ask yourself this as you dip a succulent strawberry into a fountain of chocolate or sit down to a repast meant for a king, or queen….

A large and colourful Mai Tai – like the one I sipped delicately in the plush lobby of a five-star hotel in Pattaya, Thailand – is bound to give anyone a literal high. For, liquid indulgence is undoubtedly intended to do just that – indulge your mind and body and spirit (pun intended) till you are floating in a zone of your own.

But, a foodie like me would firmly state that there is no greater aphrodisiac than a platter of good bites – or, better still, the anticipation of a fantastic spread. When I read that a train made entirely of chocolate by Maltese chocolate artist Andrew Farrugula has set a new Guinness World Record as the longest chocolate structure in the world, my first reaction was ‘Wow, what a feast!’ So, even when one’s other hormonal urges are satiated in different ways (I will not deign to insult your intelligence by stating the obvious here), the sight of a plump strawberry dipped delicately into a chocolate fountain is one that can never fail to seduce even the most diehard of dieters.

No one will deny that we eat more often than we have sex – and most likely food pops into our minds at any given time a lot more than getting wickedly horizontal does. And, while we may dream of our perfect lover, food fantasies tend to be more varied – and thus are the most delightful ones to have. For one, they offer you the freedom of variety – you can dream on endlessly of dishy stuff in the wackiest of combinations if you wish…and not feel guilty. The guilt of course comes when you actually lavishly dip into them. And that is when your willpower stands…or falls to a delicious death. But then, who wouldn’t want to succumb to ‘Death by chocolate’!

To get a bit risqué, good food is undoubtedly better than bad sex, but in some cases, I would say that good food also beats good – perhaps not fabulous – sex. For one, if you have gone on a drunken orgy of food and wine, at best next day you will have a terrible hangover. But, if you have extended the orgy to a close encounter of the bed kind, you may just wake up with some Jane or Johnny whom you may vaguely remember meeting somewhere – or may just have an amnesiac blackout about.

So, I would personally stick to the highs of food…. After all, these can be experienced not just in company, but in solitude as well.

Ah, bliss!

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