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October 31, 2014

Till Death Do Us Party

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Verve lists the best Halloween parties you should be crashing

If that list of the spookiest films from Rotten Tomatoes has made it to your Torrents, and if you plan on spending Halloween like the Grim Reaper in the solitude of your home, we ask you to rethink this life’s choice. Mumbai may not win spooktown of the year award, and those pumpkin carving competitions may seem like a distant dream, but what you can do is attend the coolest parties in the city. Yes, here is where you put the Thriller dance steps to use.

Li Bai and EXO, Palladium Hotel

One of the best places to be is obviously the highest point in the city. Scurry up to the 37th floor of The Palladium Hotel, as Li Bai and EXO create the perfect vibe with coffins, skeletons and ghostmasks. DJ Madoc will take over Li Bai playing a whole lot of EDM, while DJ Pritam, known for his house music, will set up at EXO.

Bewitching brew: Stick to the occasion with Bats cup, or you can try the Mediterranean Mastery. And if you’re low on experimentation, Mumbai Matinee is perfect for the wall hugger.

Ghoul gear: If you’re going to be way up high (literally and figuratively), get that Bat costume on. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the I’m-on-top-of-the-world Selfie.


Boogey men of the city should assemble at Amadeus, to enjoy a freakishly OTT party. Expect a mix of Retro, old school Hip Hop and Bollywood numbers by DJ PS and The Book of Music. Forgive the gushing but this also includes happy hours all night long!

Bewitching brew: Go down on flavoured Kamikazes that are a part of the buy-1-get-1-free package. With such high octane levels we recommend their Tequila shots and Sangria pitchers.

Ghoul gear: It may not be a pink Wednesday, but take an entourage along and dress up as the Mean Girls. The Regina George in you should personally victimise the party scene.

China House Lounge, The Grand Hyatt

We’re fans of the island-styled LED light bar at Grand Hyatt’s famous nightclub. Halloween night at China House will see Rasputin and Lekha at the console playing commercial favourites of the season. Not too extensive, it’s a perfect spot if you want to sashay around in your costume, and not make too big a deal of it.

Bewitching brew: You must try Witchcraft and Devilicious, for the simple reason that they come complete with demon horns.

Ghoul gear: The LED lights demand a Men In Black ensemble. Plug in those shades and start grooving to Stayin’ Alive.


With giant-sized cobwebs, evil-looking pumpkins and scary movies being screened on the walls, Aqaba is touted to be one of the most happening spots tonight.  DJ Mihir along with percussionist Faizan will add to the background score, and keep you bouncing through the night.

Bewitching brew: The very dedicated Halloweeners should try out Kiss of Death, Vampire Slayer and Sweet Deceit. Take a peek at the special Halloween-inspired shot menu, if you’re the kind who makes it to the floor.

Ghoul gear: Nothing speaks Halloween better than a Tim Burton-inspired costume. Keep up to the super-high expectations with either an Edward Scissorhands get-up, or futterwacken the night away as one from Alice in Wonderland.


Knock yourself out at Cheval, which promises to host the mother of all Halloween Parties. We can expect a Project X-like ending with all the hype that surrounds this shindig. Try out their menu of the day which includes Spiced Eye Balls, Monster Mash, Alien Fingers and Witches Stew.

Bewitching brew: We are expecting very drunken Snapchat stories with the Witches Brew, Creepy Potion and Vampire Floats. Alert: There is nothing for the faint-hearted here.

Ghoul gear: Strictly follow Halloween protocol with your most outrageous costume. Read: Shaun of the dead, Frankenstein, Count Dracula.

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