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December 12, 2014

Decoding Designer Dreams: Shivan & Narresh

Text by Priyanka Monga

Their sartorial perfection is beyond words but their craft is not their only identification. Their ingenuity extends to giving shape and signature to everything that forms their own small world. Designers Shivan and Narresh find a harmonious celebration of design and space, discovers Verve


The designer duo’s cutting-edge sartorial trademark and their genius in carving a niche for themselves in a never-before seen genre of fashion in the country – luxury beachwear – has kept them in the forefront in the fashion industry. The talented two have added another feather in their cap as they turn interior designers for their recently-opened boutique in Bengaluru, which is a clear extension of their design style – minimalist yet making a statement. “It has been designed in-house by both of us and our brand manager Siddhartth Mahajan, who is also an architect. We have detailed all the aspects of the store,” says Narresh Kukreja of label Shivan & Narresh.

Their new store has been conceptualised as a boardwalk around the beach and the same is reflected through all its architectural details such as the ceiling or the flooring. Shivan Bhatiya explains, “The idea of being around the beach and transporting the mind to a similar state has always been the starting point for the design of any of our showrooms. The concept is taken further ahead with the flooring of the store which is an extremely fine German pristine white concrete, visually similar to white sand beaches.” He adds, “The white interiors and lighting set up lets the colours of the collection be the focus, which in this case are flaming oranges and flossy pinks. While the mannequins help recreate the atmosphere of ‘swim and resort’, which is essential for all our collections.”

Given that the store is a beautiful interpretation of Shivan and Narresh’s signature style and there are various details which are impeccably thought of and finished, the mannequins as the centrepiece steal the show. Kukreja explains the raison d’être of his favourite part of the store, “The mannequins were used as mood generators for the showroom’s atmosphere – the first one is shown as sunbathing, the next one is shown as lounging while the showroom’s centrepiece is a diving mannequin hung from the ceiling, which has been encrusted with Crystallised Swarovski Elements to resonate water droplets on a diving body.”

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