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November 03, 2015

Cafe Spotting #1: Ciclo Cafe

Text by Devanshi Mody

In this series, we explore new openings and discover mindfully conceived cafes in the heart of Chennai

Ciclo, pronounced chicklo to rather rhyme with gigolo, deliberately Italian (Italy being a ‘cycling’ nation), promotes biking as a lifestyle avers Arun Alagappan of TI Cycles who conceived this path-breaking idea. How does co-owner Nidhi Thadani’s banoffee tart on the bicycle-journal menu complement biking? The unexpectedly reserved interpretation with cream and caramel demurely circumscribed in fragile pastry doesn’t inflate the waistline, attests the cafe bicycle store’s dashing young manager Arun, leanly belted in Louis Vuitton. The  tree-embowered venue aswarm with expats, Prada-toting glam young things and local celebrities including chess champion Vishwanathan Anand and actor Arvind Swami, is audaciously embellished with bicycle paraphernalia that’s purchasable/rentable: bicycles swing from ceilings, bicycle seats stud walls, stationary bikes become bar stools, bicycle wheels adorn bars or turn (pun not intended) into chandeliers. They even had a bicycle bearing a bathroom sink, but the inspired design feature was promptly withdrawn when the vaastu pundits advised that such bearings would sink the cycle business…. Unlikely! We love the clever cycle-orgy. Everyone loves the cafe. It’s riding a high and plans are to wheel the chain (no, no, not bicycle) pan-India.

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