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November 06, 2017

Chefs Who Cooked Their Way Into Our Hearts: Pablo Naranjo Agular Of Le 15 Cafe

Text by Simone Louis. Photograph by Shubham Lodha

“I don’t use my nice shoes in the kitchen — they get dirty pretty fast”

Kitchen kit “I mostly wear either a white or black chef coat with a blue apron, jeans and comfortable shoes.”

Style icon “Anthony Bourdain, for sure.”

Wardrobe staples “White shirt, black jeans, leather jacket (even though it makes no sense in India), V-neck T-shirts….”

Globetrotting garb “I’m a pretty conservative dresser, so I don’t buy a bunch of exotic things while travelling, but I love wearing Indian shawls in cold places.”

When not at work… “I’m hanging out with my kittens, enjoying a drink at Woodside Inn or just eating on the streets!”

Shoe talk “I don’t use my nice shoes in the kitchen — they get dirty pretty fast — although I have a pair of Arturo Calles that my dad gifted me in Colombia that I use often. Otherwise, I really enjoy buying and wearing the very traditional handmade cheap chappals from the streets of Colaba.”

Fitness routine “I start my mornings with nariyal paani and a lot of fruits, and try my best to make it to yoga thrice a week or just go for a run at Marine Drive. But a good Latin American dance party works just as well!”

Skincare habits “I’m extremely old school — I’m just careful to wash my face after service, with good old soap and water. Also, of course, I apply sunscreen when I travel to certain places. I use a couple of products for my beard.”

We’d be surprised to know that…“I can be quite scary when I’m in the kitchen!”

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