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May 25, 2016

What Happens When 30 Chefs Come Together?

Text by Natasha Sahjwani. Images by JW Marriott

Unlike the age-old adage, too many cooks just made the broth better! And gave us insightful tips into the world of tasteful cooking

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu brought together 30 of its executive chefs from all over the country to serve a feast for the lords. And it wasn’t just food they served on a platter… but you may want to keep that notepad handy, as we take you into the master chefs’ secret vault. With helpful tips on cooking, buzzing trends you should know about and food hacks, here’s an insight into improving your food game!

5 Culinary trends that are changing the way we eat…

1. Back to the classics: It is not surprising to spot childhood treats on the menu. Reinvented versions of the classic treats are being brought back to the plate to evoke nostalgia as you savour your meal. It is safe to say that you’ll soon spot Pepsi-Cola treats and the orange candy cocktails.

2. Crafting experiences: When was the last time you went out for a meal and weren’t magnetised by the plating and out of this world molecular magic? With a rich play of elements, dining has become an experience in itself, involving all 5 senses.

3. Quirk it up: Looking for dining with a difference? Think quirky. Laid-back ambience with fuss-free services have become the new cool. Adding to the fad is the interesting play of decor concepts being interspersed with the rise of social media. From dining in the darkness to eating in a prison, we wonder where we’ll be feasting next?

4. Street treats: Vada pav salad? Chocolate pani puri? Who says street food should only be limited to the streets? Street eats have made a comeback in fine dining restaurants in a big way. With theatrical preparations being employed in creating dishes, this culinary trend is one of our favourites.

5. Tech tasting: As food photography stirs the culinary circuit, chefs too, are becoming tech-savvy by showcasing their creations. Using social media as drivers of curiosity, chefs are creating videos to drive their audience to the latest digs.

4 Insider cooking hacks

1. Stick to the basics: While cooking Italian food, it’s best not to experiment. While we love altering the recipes to suit our taste palette, Italians follow recipes sent down from generations. You’ll be better off sticking to it!

2. Keep it fresh: A cooking rule every avid cook should swear by is to keep your ingredients fresh. Use local produce and go organic to enhance the flavour of your dish.

3. Be patient: A little practice goes a long way. Don’t get distressed if you don’t get it right the first time. The perfect souffle wasn’t made in a day.

4. Eat consciously: Go easy on the oil and don’t keep dousing the pan with butter! While you may be all for obesity, your guests may not. So, do yourself a favour, keep your cholesterol in control and take it down a notch.

3 Chefs give us their must-follow rules while cooking…

“Enjoy the natural flavours of what you cook and make sure you experiment with new ingredients.” – Chef Sahil Arora, Jaipur Marriott Hotel.

“Keep it simple. Make sure you use fresh ingredients and make your dish flavourful.” – Chef Amit Dash, Courtyard Gurgaon.

“Go organic to uplift the taste your dish!” – Chef Udit Srivastava, Courtyard Raipur.

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