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February 08, 2016

Why You Should Head To Ananda In The Himalayas

Text by Nisha Jhangiani

These are all the therapies you need to know about…

I’m all for the anti-ageing movement, provided natural processes are put into use, and the rejuvenation package at Ananda Spa has made a loyalist out of me. Starting with the Jasmine Salt Scrub, an infusion of mogra and sea salt that exfoliates dry and irritable skin and prepares it for more wonders to come, I moved on to a series of therapies that resulted in a clearer complexion, brighter eyes and an overall silken smoothness.

Pizhichil is the Ayurvedic equivalent of a quick and effective detox; lukewarm herbal oils that are liberally poured and diligently massaged in ensure joint lubrication, systematically breaking down stubborn toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

Choornaswedana uses dosha-specific oils (Ananda experts will helpfully take you through your predominant and latent doshas and suggest a custom-made diet, exercise and massage plan for you) to encourage sweating through heated herbal poultices that will consequently increase circulation and relieve muscle pain — a great remedy for sport injuries.

The Ananda Fusion is the spa’s signature treatment that cannot be missed. An amalgamation of the best techniques and schools of therapy like Thai, reflexology, aromatherapy, deep tissue, Tibetan and Swedish, this truly hybrid process involves the use of blended essential oils, warm poultices, peppermint foot creams and a generous smattering of sea salts. A unique experience that leaves one feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The Aroma Cocoon is like a restful blanket that envelopes you in a unique spice and rose mix which, when absorbed, fulfils the dual purpose of invigorating and detoxifying the body. All that heat is further sealed in with a final application of warm cream. The Eye Rejuvenator, along with the Honey and Rose Facial, are add-ons that lend an immediate glow, but it’s a series of repeats that produce maximal results — sign up for a few of each to allow your visage optimum benefits.
Staying young the Ananda way doesn’t seem like a bad bet at all.

Maximise Your Spa Experience

  • Make sure you opt for a personalised Ayurvedic consult. It can positively change the way you think, eat and workout.
  • The same goes for customised yoga sessions. Designed to teach you ancient techniques through attentive one-on-one appointments, the art of pranayama, alpa japa and antar mouna can all be applied to day-to-day living once you return to the chaos of city stress.
  • All of Ananda’s hydrotherapy units use pure Himalayan spring water. Be greedy and indulge yourself!

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