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October 21, 2015

The Epicurean’s Guide to Honeymooning

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

We have the perfect destination for you!

Are you in the midst of planning the perfect honeymoon? If you are, we are going to assume that the culturally rich, breathtakingly beautiful and gloriously un-crowded New Zealand is already at the top of your list. To add to the natural beauty and bounty of New Zealand, the warmth and friendliness of its people has resulted in the country becoming one of the easiest and most comfortable places in the world to holiday in.  If you aren’t already convinced, here are two more reasons to take the plunge and head to the land of kiwis.

Reason 1: New Zealand Heli Photo Safari – Queenstown

The honeymoon date. A secluded spot, a picnic basket of the best wine and cheese, you and your beloved bathed in golden sunlight surrounded by rolling green hills. If this didn’t sound dreamy enough, you will be flown to this middle-of-nowhere spot in the hills by a private helicopter! Dancing amid the snow clad peaks or having a sparkling conversation over some bubbly – whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. Not only can you have this dream date, but you can travel with your own personal candid photographer to make this experience last a lifetime.

But, I’m not married.

Let’s rectify that right away. Use this romantic date with a picture-perfect setting to propose! What’s more, your personal photographer will be there to record what will (irrespective of the answer) surely go down as a seminal moment in your romantic history.

Reason 2: Heli Spa – Queenstown

The perfect spa date. A couple’s massage is now a regular part of most honeymoons. One tiny fact separates this one from the others –the spa, accessible only by air, is located 6000 feet above sea level.  A hot spa, facials, massages and yoga sound wonderful enough. Add to these, the stunning landscapes and clean, crisp air of New Zealand and only your beloved for company and you have yourself the perfect honeymoon. After all the madness of a wedding, pamper yourself at this relaxing getaway and you’ll be ready to run the world again in no time.

But, I’m already married.

If you really are married and your honeymoon is over, you must have some or the other important anniversary coming up. This is your chance to make up for all the mistakes you made last year.

How can I arrange for this?

The good folks over at A Travel Duet, a company that lovingly handcrafts honeymoons, will do it for you. Book your honeymoon through them, and stand a chance to win these experiences!

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