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May 01, 2014

Where The Trust Fund Goes….

Text by Shaista Vaishnav

8 fun ways to use your trust fund. Life doesn’t get better than this….

So you’ve got a trust fund that could feed a country in Africa but your life seems as bleak as the Sahara desert? It’s time to ditch those sushi lunches and designer bag stores in search of something more fulfilling. And when your money does grow on trees, there’s no stopping you. Try these for size:

  1. Make a music video Admit it. You’ve always pictured yourself in a flowy dress and boots, looking like a million bucks, confidently striding through your own music video. So do it! Don’t stop there. Just leave the dress on…too many are taking it off for music videos and then spending the rest of their trust fund money regretting it.
  2. Buy an island There are many little ones up for sale. Not only will you have the opportunity to say ‘Dude I’m heading to Honduras for the weekend’, but you’ll also have a sweet investment on your hands. You can always rent it out for parties, and when you’re sick of it turn into a zoo for endangered species. After all, how much can you go to Amby Valley?
  3. Buy a helicopter Now this one’s practical. All the crores in your bank can’t change the traffic on Peddar Road. Except now they can! Whiz wherever you want and back in a matter of minutes. Then encourage your friends to do the same, so the rest get parking everywhere.
  4. Start a winery, brewery or organic coffee plantation You’re already a brand snob, designer snob and travel snob. Now invest in cellars, equipment and courses on your favourite beverages. Then turn up your nose in disgust when someone doesn’t know their pilsners from their porters.
  5. Collect precious stones You have jewels. But do you have THE jewels? Start a collection of black opals and blue sapphires and be one up on scores of Maharajas and millionaires who have desired them for years. Thankfully blue and black go with everything.
  6. Buy a yacht No self-respecting trust-fund owner is without a yacht or two with an exotic name. (Mine is Triton. King of the Ocean?) Then set sail to wherever your heart desires. It’s months of sun, breeze and introspection. And if you get sea-sick, there’s a simple solution: command your helicopter to airlift you. (See #3 above for details.)
  7. Breed ostriches If dogs, cats and fish seem pedestrian, use those empty acres to breed African black-neck ostriches. They’re comical birds and can prove to be a great investment in the future.
  8. Throw the party of the century Finger foods and Moet are so last millennium. Now, convince the Australian government to rent out the Ayers Rock for one night. Then fly your crew down under and party on a world wonder. You could also hire Aerosmith to perform. A rock band on a world-famous rock. Now that’s a party!

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