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May 19, 2016

8 Reasons To Fly the KLM Dreamliner

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena

A tried-and-tested guide to help you pick a fancy and comfortable aircraft for your next trip

En route to the Big Apple, I recently took off from one capital to reach another, in the KLM Boeing 787 Dreamliner –the appointed vehicle in the air from New Delhi to the first stop at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam.

1. Eye candy: It’s drool-worthy. You cannot stop looking at its stylish and sexy body. And if you are an aviation geek and did not have to travel and if it were parked on the tarmac, you would check into an airport hotel with a view and look at its sleek lines through the night.

2. Well spaced-out: If you are claustrophobic, don’t fret. It is perfect for tall and even well-formed travellers. And, in the World Business Class, the bigger overhead bins give your carry-ons the perfect spot to lie in. And, just in case I forget to mention, a personalised storage space (with a mirror on the inside of its door) near your armrest gives you a convenient place to store your essentials and your haute accessories. So, when we landed, it took me just a few minutes to dab on my make-up — all from the comfort of my seat.

3. Step in, step out: In World Business Class, every seat has an aisle access. So, there is no clambering over sleeping passengers with long out-stretched legs which make you stumble sleepily into the darkened passage.

4. Clearer air: Breathe in, breathe out. The 787 is pressurised at about 6,000 feet rather than 8,000 feet, so it helps you breathe easier. More oxygen in the air means better sleep as you speed through the air. Snooze on.

5. Sweet dreams: Assuming you are not Gulliver, you can easily stretch out to your full length and have a comfortable sleep in seats that turn into fully flat beds. Just ensure that you do not snore loudly in the relative privacy of your personal space and disturb other snoozing passengers.

6. Food fiesta: Two of my pet peeves from other flights were satiated on the Dreamliner — food and sleep. For my palate was wooed with a couple of mouthwatering meals leaving me feeling like Oliver Twist, asking for more.

7. Net ahoy: In spite of being miles and miles up in the air — and despite being warned by my peers to get off the net grid – my tablet came to good use with the WiFi on board. PS: I got e-slammed for staying connected.

8. The quiet quotient: For once, I did not need to put the ear plugs in — when I went into sleep mode. The cabin was silent — noise emission at its lowest. No wonder, the dreams flew in quick and fast.

There is one reason why you should not fly the KLM Dreamliner.

Spoiled for Life: It will make other planes look quite plain!

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