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October 14, 2016

5 Offbeat Collectibles From Absolutely Magical Destinations

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

CuroCarte presents a range of elegant picks that redefine ‘wanderlust’

There is something therapeutic about packing your bags and heading off to a completely new place with myriad cultures and stimulating locals. As a traveller, you will find yourself drawn towards specific destinations. A penchant for rediscovering yourself ever so often will find you gravitating towards far-flung countries like India. A predilection for danger will have you signing up for a treacherous skiing trip in the Alps that none of your friends will have successfully talked you out of.

No matter which category of traveller you find yourself slotted into, it’s always nice to have a physical reminder of your escapades at hand. CuroCarte has introduced a delightful range of collectibles inspired by various countries – each one with its own sublime quirks.

Indian antiques

From intricate heirloom boxes and jewel cases to miniature replicas of warrior elephants, explore beautiful trinkets that define the mystical spirit of India. The saffron heritage box makes for an ideal festive giveaway, while vintage drawers are always a welcome addition to your home.

Indonesian wooden carvings

These Balinese sculptures will make you want to revisit the charming island all over again. Capturing the bucolic lifestyle of simple folk, placing them around your house is your way of telling the world that you live for life’s precious little moments.

Vietnamese candle holders

The country, known for its vast expanse of paddy fields, has a certain postcard-like beauty to it. The Vietnamese believe in living modestly and appreciating simple details.  Lighting a candle every evening and placing it in these signature lacquer-finish candle holders is a fine way to put the aforementioned principles into practice.

Thailandese celadon tea set

Indulging in a carefully brewed cup of tea is a way of life for the locals of Thailand. Comprised mainly of advocates of Buddhism, these are peace-loving people who will always welcome you into their home for a piping cuppa. You can spend a few moments of quiet contemplation sipping the brew you bought back in these cane-textured tea cups in the country’s trademark mint green finish.

Traditional Japanese pots from the United Kingdom

This glazed pot in cerulean blue is the perfect accessory to display on your coffee table when you invite guests over for high tea and scones. They’ll understand you’re still recovering from the verdant plains of the United Kingdom and you can throw in some austere  P.G. Wodehouse humour and be all the better for it.

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