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June 08, 2016

4 Ways This System Will Change The Way You Shower

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

These smart innovations will give you a reason to wake up in the morning…

1. With Grohe’s Rainshower SmartControl system, your shower will feel less like a desert with no oasis in sight and more like a tropical rainforest. If bathing under a tropical rainfall isn’t one of your dreams, try their alternate setting that will give you a head and shoulder massage. Bet you’re interested now.

2. You no longer need to be scalded by hot water that feels like molten lava. They have a safety lock at 38-degree celsius that will prevent it from happening. You can now enjoy water temperatures that range from that of thermal springs to chilly waterfalls, without endangering your life. You also won’t be jolted awake in the morning when your calming hot water turns suddenly and bone-chillingly cold. Grohe’s new technology keeps water temperature consistent throughout the shower.

3. You can adjust the volume of water flow depending on your conscience that day. It ranges from environmentally friendly (Eco) to full blown beauty queen (Full Flow).

4. Do you keep twisting and turning to angle each body part under the shower when you bathe? The XXL-sized head shower — which is shaped like a lozenge and covers the entire body — will ensure you no longer have to do that.

If this isn’t a luxurious and personalised bathing experience, what is?

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