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April 21, 2017

4 Top Chefs Conceptualize Dishes Exclusively For Verve

Text by Simone Louis

The chefs discuss the importance of presentation and their plating philosophies

Textured Vibrancy
Prateek Sadhu, Masque

“The dish brings the farm and sea together. All the vegetables are sourced from our flagship farm in Pune, while the fish is from the Andaman Islands. My focus is to showcase the plethora of ingredients and produce that India has to offer.”

“A diner’s first interaction with almost any dish is visual. There is no unnecessary clutter on the plate here; every ingredient is clearly highlighted, from the fish to the sauce to each zucchini spiral.”

Rustic Comfort
Rishim Sachdeva, Olive Bar And Kitchen

“I was inspired after procuring some good quality ’nduja spices, so I smoked pork belly for slightly over six hours and served it with ’nduja custard, fermented plums and heirloom carrots, to emphasise India’s local organic produce.”

“Trends are limiting, in my opinion. I make sure to keep it simple; each item on the plate should have a purpose. The most important part of any dish is the ingredient – determining whether it’s required in the first place, and, if yes, how it’s treated. Secondly, the flavours, textures and hues must come together seamlessly.”

Monochrome Indulgence
Kelvin Cheung, Bastian

“I was inspired by fresh black truffles from Alba, Italy and beautiful, freshly caught lobster. If only you could smell them through a photo!”

“I love minimalist, subtle presentation. I played with a look here which might not be the flashiest, but is a classic. Like a black-and-white photograph, it will outlast any trend.”

Cultural Contrast
Aakritee Sinh, A Reverie

“A seasonal showpiece paying homage to Goa, this plate highlights its biodiversity, incorporating both Hindu and Catholic cuisines and, of course, a Portuguese influence.”

“Plating that is bound together by a narrative thread, and a sense of play, appeals to me the most. Ultimately, I’m impressed by simple plates where the ingredients are the stars.”

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