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Wedding Photographer

Rahul de Cunha, Wedding Photographer, Goa
February 16, 2018

The Art of Slow: Rahul de Cunha

Text by Saumya Sinha

Verve speaks to creative entrepreneurs who’ve found a home away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle in the slow-paced state of Goa. Meet wedding photographer Rahul de Cunha
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Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta, The Cheesecake Project

This shutter elf will make sure you remember your wedding day in the dreamiest way possible
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Karen D'Souza, Wedding Photographer

Freezing memories

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Clyde D’Souza.

Wedding photographer Karen D’Souza loves watching all the action at nuptials through the lens – the fun moments, the teary farewells, the emotional freizes....
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