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"What's exciting to consider is how this will change art itself: will it be more accessible? More digital?"
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Farhan Momin, a dentist and chef at Farmo Cooks Pop Up and Atlanta Halal

“I always thought the benefit of having two careers would be that if one was slow I could compensate for it by spending time on the other. The tragic part of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it has brought both, the hospitality as well as the healthcare industries to their knees.”
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Dr. Simin Patel, founder of walking tour company Bombaywalla

“The walking tour we had planned in March will now probably be conducted in June or July, but we are ready for the challenges a walk in the time of coronavirus would bring.”
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Tina Tahiliani, Owner, Ensemble

“Man is a social being and clothing is a big part of people's identity. I believe that our relationships with our customers are strong and we will put in place stringent systems to help them feel comfortable in our space.”
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"Mumbai is a hard city to navigate with distances and quality of workspaces. We would like to adopt not only flexible work hours but flexible workspaces for our team."
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"The cooks and servers will possibly be required to wear full hazmat suits, all furniture will require regular and frequent sanitisation, customers will be screened upon entering... It'll be like going out to eat in a hospital operating room."
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