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The Beatles

Boy Bands
March 05, 2019

Since The Beatles, boy bands have, over the decades, been generating pop pandemonium internationally. Despite the generations that divide them, these groups have preserved a time-tested ‘formula’ of upbeat harmonies and romantic ballads accompanied by signature looks and dance moves. Verve chats with a group of now-adult fangirls as they recall their all-consuming tween-age crushes and how that affected their cultural worldviews and perceptions of romantic love
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Gingger Shankar, Indian American singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist
November 20, 2015

Living up to an illustrious family name is a tricky business. Gingger Shankar responded to the challenge by becoming one of the only two musicians to ever master the 10-string double violin. Find out what makes her tick...
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Rock Style exhibition in London
October 24, 2015

Gods Of Rock And Chic

Text by Huzan Tata

An exhibition in the land of the Big Ben celebrates the world’s best music and style innovators
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