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Sooni Taraporevala

Husain — Portrait Of An Artist, Ila Pal, Harpercollins India, The Book Of Chocolate Saints — A Novel, Jeet Thayil, Aleph Book Company, Home In The City: Bombay 1977 - Mumbai 2017, Sooni Taraporevala, Harpercollins India

Presenting riveting fiction and frames that span four decades to add value to your bookshelves
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Photograph by Sooni Taraporevala for Home In The City at Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai
October 14, 2017

Journey Through 40 Years Of Bombay With Sooni Taraporevala’s ‘Home In The City’

Text by Huzan Tata. Photographs courtesy of Sooni Taraporevala/Chemould Prescott Road

The multi-faceted photographer's frames will take you through a Bombay bygone
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Sooni Taraporevala with Amir and Manish, Yeh Ballet
August 25, 2017

The award-winning screenwriter's VR documentary film, Yeh Ballet, chronicles a heart-warming tale in all its 360-degree glory
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The Focus Trail

Text and images by Nittal Chandarana and Zaral Shah. Featured image by Siddhant Jain

Walking through the bylanes of Colaba and Kala Ghoda, Verve discovers frames - some monochrome, some striking - each telling a story
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The man in the sola hat, Bombay 1985 by Sooni Taraporevala
April 28, 2016

Parsis Through Sooni Taraporevala’s Lens

Text by Huzan Tata. All photographs copyright of Sooni Taraporevala.

The ace photographer captures candid images of her eccentric community
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Dinaz Stafford weds Matt Black

#TheHybridLife: No Pairing Please, We’re Parsi!

Text by Meher Marfatia. Photographs by Sooni Taraporevala

Meher Marfatia finds her quixotic community at the vanguard of change and yet curiously immune to it
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