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Smita Khanna

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"Mumbai is a hard city to navigate with distances and quality of workspaces. We would like to adopt not only flexible work hours but flexible workspaces for our team."
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Smita Khanna, Architect, Interior Designer and Co-founder at Note D, Mumbai

Best Dressed 2017: Smita Khanna And Her Easy Work Wear Silhouettes

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Shubham Lodha

"Culturally, character judgement is shaped by our external appearances. This is particularly extreme and perverse for women"
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High (Tea) On Design

Text by Amishi Parekh

Verve celebrates the launch of its first-ever design-themed issue
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Smita Khanna, Hemant Purohit, Design, Tomoe Village, Alibaug,

Smita Khanna And Hemant Purohit On Being Design Experimentalists

Text by Maria Louis. Photographs by Sushant Chhabria. Styling by Nikhil D. Assisted by Prateek Kumar and Yvonne Monteiro. Hair and make-up by Danica Drego. Location courtesy: Tomoe Villa, Alibaug

The duo talks about their journey in architecture and interiors and lets us in on what makes them run like clockwork
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