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April 06, 2020


Text by Urvashi Bahuguna. Illustration by Namrata Kumar

Author and poet Urvashi Bahuguna pens an exclusive short story for Verve
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A Doll’s House, Anjali Enjeti, Fiction, Henrik Ibsen, maternal instinct, Motherhood, Short Story

Verve Fiction: Routine

Illustration by Opashona Ghosh

We deem mothers to be the embodiment of safety, security and unconditional love; they are tasked with absorbing others’ pain, while putting their own needs last. Inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Anjali Enjeti’s short story — exclusive to Verve — subverts these entrenched notions and forces us to confront the lengths women go to uphold this mythologised role
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Shreya Ila Anasuya
June 27, 2018

Decoding The Elusive Nature Of Modern Romance

Text by Shreya Ila Anasuya. Illustration by Sudeepti Tucker

What is dating like in the time of Tinder and WhatsApp?
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Janice Pariat, Bestselling author
March 26, 2017

A young woman living in a small town near London yearns for something more than what the rainy island can offer. Bestselling author Janice Pariat pens a heartwarming tale exclusively for Verve
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Elif Shafak, Turkish author, columnist, speaker and academic, Three Daughters of Eve
February 17, 2017

A woman’s search for faith, love and identity in present-day Istanbul... We present an exclusive glimpse into Turkish author Elif Shafak’s latest novel
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Meghna Pant, Fiction, award-winning author of The Trouble With Women, Happy Birthday! and One And A Half Wife
November 21, 2016

The Donald Duck Bride

Text by Meghna Pant. Illustration by Surasti Puri

In an exclusive story for Verve, the award-winning author Meghna Pant pens a humorous account of her online encounters with prospective grooms
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