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Sanaya Mehta Vyas

Sanaya Mehta Vyas, Outdoor Media Owner, Director of Selvel Next

Best Dressed 2015: Sanaya Mehta Vyas

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Additional inputs by Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi. Realisation by Ashima Gupta, Tejal Pandey, Shweta Navandar and Chandni Bahri. Photograph by Rishi Roy. Make-up and Hair by Reshma Daing

For doing her own thing and not shying away from experimenting
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Sanaya Mehta Vyas, Fitness Guru and Entrepreneur

Style Connoisseur

Text by Saumya Sinha. Photographed by Ronny Sen

Keeping the soupçon of fun alive in fashion, Sanaya Mehta Vyas’ wardrobe is a smorgasbord of outfits swinging from relaxed to red-carpet glamour
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Sanaya Mehta Vyas, Best Dressed

Best Dressed: Sanaya Mehta Vyas

Text And Interviews by Priyanka Monga And Shirin Salwan. Realisation by Poulomi Dey, Shirin Salwan, Priyanka Monga, Ashima Gupta, Soumya Kumar. Photograph by Sudip Roy.

For proving that a toned body is the new IT accessory
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Sanaya Mehta Vyas
September 04, 2014

Verve and Louis Vuitton Diaries #2 Sanaya Mehta Vyas

Text by Shirin Salwan. Photograph by Indronil Mukherjee. Location Courtesy: Taj Bengal

Verve and Louis Vuitton revisit the charming city of Kolkata to catch up with eight charming women, and discover their love for fashion, diamonds, high heels, eye-catching arm candy and much more...
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