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Seraphic Sush

Photographs by Atul Kasbekar. Styling by Nisha Jhangiani. Make-up by Mahendra Gupta. Hair by Madhuri Nakhale. All furniture, from Eastern Treasure Lifestyle, Mumbai.

“I am shameless about the fact that I am God's favourite child...whatever his curriculum of the day, whatever I ask for, I get…” says former Miss Universe and matinee icon, Sushmita Sen, to Shirin Mehta
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“I believe each of us has a gift to share – something to teach and something to learn.”

Interview by Mallika Chandra. Photographs by Denver Rodrigues. Styled by Neelam Ahooja. Assisted by Akanksha Pandey.

For Canada-based fashion influencer Neelam Ahooja, age is the last thing on her mind
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Sartorial Economics

Text by Akanksha Pandey

Sisters Tashi and Tara Mitra demonstrate to Verve how deviating from the mainstream can bend the way we think, live and dress
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Like Father Unlike Daughter

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Photographed By Sushant Kadam. Hair And Make-Up By Anuradha Raman. Location Courtesy: Soho House Mumbai

Creative consultant Ekta Rajani and businessman Suresh Rajani may share the same blood, but their approaches to style are hardly related. The daughter’s downsized and minimalist-yet-original wardrobe has inspired young consumers to re-evaluate their purchasing patterns, while the equally couture-conscious father follows a more outlandish school of fashion. Verve spends a day observing the pair’s tailor-made modes of self-expression
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Amrita Kaur, Food blogger and certified Ayurveda nutrition consultant

Ayurveda Consultant Amrita Kaur Tries On Medicinal Textiles

Text by Rushmika Banerjee. Photographs by Pretika Menon. Styling by Ojas Kolvankar. Hair and Make-Up by Eshwar Log

Food blogger and certified Ayurveda nutrition consultant Amrita Kaur shares her insights about healthy living as she tries on soothing separates from three mindful designers who have introduced the concept of ayur vastra, into their clothing
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Nakul Sharma, Sahil Bhatia, Burudu
January 21, 2019

Electronica Duo Burudu On Their Musical Influences And Style Sensibilities

Text by Tina Dastur. Photographs by Shweta Desai. Styling by Ojas Kolvankar. Hair and Make-Up by Jean-Claude Biguine, India

One look at Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia will tell you that they’re just regular, unassuming guys. Their music, however, is anything but. Here, the boys behind Mumbai-based electronic band Burudu step out of their jeans, tees and hoodies and slip into colour-coordinated, fuss-free ensembles as they share their thoughts on fashion and music with Verve
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