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Pat McGrath

Every form and flavour of carefully curated high fashion was amply visible on the Met Gala’s red carpet this year. After repeated viewings of the spectacle and some existential pondering, ANURADHA MAHINDRA, Founder-Editor, Verve, analyses why audiences were left eagerly lapping up every detail on show. Is it the cultural allure of this event — and other public showcases like the Coronation of the British monarch or the Cannes Film Festival — or simply their clickbait appeal that keeps us glued to our screens, she wonders…
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Beauty, Notebook, glitter, trend
December 14, 2016

We show you how to wear glitter without looking like a teenager
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Dior Backstage Raf Simons Musee Rodin
November 05, 2014

On The Dior Trail

Text by Nisha Jhangiani

Watching a live fashion show of luxe calibre is usually enough to create welcome frissons of excitement, but when you’re invited backstage to view the going-ons start to finish, the adrenalin rush reaches a level you crave to be at more often.... Verve decodes the drama at Dior
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