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Pablo Picasso

Arpita Singh, Tying Down Time, Talwar Gallery, New York, New Delhi
June 27, 2017

On display for the very first time at Talwar Gallery in NYC, are her drawings and paintings that illustrate her world view and curiosity...
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Rhine River, Basel, Switzerland , Travel
June 19, 2016

From the most special museums to the coolest cafes, we tell you how to soak up the best of what Basel has to offer
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Pablo Picasso, Les Femmes d’Alger or The Women of Algiers
November 26, 2015

Behind the Canvas #1: Pablo Picasso

Text by Ranjabati Das

Learn more about the legendary 'The Women of Algiers' series of paintings...
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Les Femmes d'Alger by Pablo Picasso Version O art auction painting

A revitalised art market – driven by gallerists and art dealers – is drawing buyers who are willing to cough up unprecedented sums for their finds. Verve discovers that records are tumbling like nine-pins with the sales of classics and trendy works
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Capital Comment, Madhu Jain

‘Magic of Foreignness’

Text by Madhu Jain

Do you have to travel so that your imagination can follow and also do so? Is it seeking something? Or, is it escaping something? Madhu Jain focusses on artists who travelled and the reasons that they did so
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