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Sita Sunar, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ashtanga Yoga instructor

In our new series, we are sharing a day in the life of people experiencing the pandemic in different parts of the world. Yoga instructor Sita Sunar takes us through hers.
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Shaheen Peerbhai and Manolya Isik, Le Cordon Bleu and Alain Duccase-trained pastry chef and founder of the popular Purple Foodie blog, Turkish Illustrator from the Netherlands

When they got a chance to combine their skills in baking and illustration, Shaheen Peerbhai and Manolya Isik rose to the occasion beautifully with Sucré, a meticulously illustrated, pastry-focused zine that you will want to keep on an easily accessible shelf in your kitchen
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August 01, 2017

A weekend spent exploring Amsterdam’s gems would make any history fan weak in the knees
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Madurodam, Travel, miniature cities, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Miniature Cities: Madurodam

Text by Tasneem Mohamedbhai. Illustrations by Sirawon Khathing

View small-scale models of entire regions at a go and marvel at the dexterity involved in creating these mini cities...
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Daan Roosegaarde, Dutch artist and innovator of ‘techno poetry’

How Daan Roosegaarde’s Vacuum Cleaner Can Save The World

Text by Wyanet Vaz. Images Courtesy: Roosegaarde

Dutch artist and innovator of ‘techno poetry’, Daan Roosegaarde, triggered the idea of a smog-free city
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November 24, 2015

A schizophrenic city of sorts, maybe being hopelessly lost in Amsterdam is the best way to feel at home...
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