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Caramel Peanut Chocolate Tart, The Sassy Teaspoon
October 22, 2016

How Cute Are These Terribly Tiny Treats?

Conceptualised by Simone Louis. Photographs by Prateek Patel

Who said only art can be miniature?
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Miniature Gardening, Fairy Gardens
October 20, 2016

From lush expanses of greenery to whimsical micro botany, incorporating nature into daily living is a trend that won’t die out any time soon...
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Jatin Kampani, Fashion, Get The Look
July 25, 2016

Jatin Kampani’s Macro Lens On Our Micro World

Photographed by Jatin Kampani. Haikus by Minoti Vaishnav. Make-Up by Agnieszka Wilk, TFM India. Hair by Clement Vannoye, TFM India. Model Courtesy: Herika Fernanda Noronha, TFM India

Our fascination with all things small has permeated our lives, affecting how we communicate, cultivate and consume. Photographer-artist Jatin Kampani envisions the female form as a porcelain sculptural plane making a strong visual comment on contemporary life
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