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Midnight’s Children

English Vinglish
June 06, 2016

#TheHybridLife: English Vinglish

Text by Nidhi Mundhra. Illustration by Jyoti Mili

Moving away from strict grammatical rules in a post-modern world, people are speaking in numerous tongues and urban dictionaries are embracing the lingo of the youth
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Deepa Mehta
July 04, 2014

Perennial Power-ista: Deepa Mehta

Text by Mala Vaishnav

Best known for her elemental trilogy, Fire, Earth and Water, and her recent felicitation for Midnight’s Children, Deepa Mehta is Verve's global favourite
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Satya Bhabha, Actor, Midnight’s Children

A Tryst With ‘Midnight’s Child’

Text by Meher Marfatia. Photographs by Nilesh Acharekar.

He brims with a quietly taut energy and the promise of great roles to play. A morning spent with Satya Bhabha, the young actor cast in the lead role of Saleem Sinai in Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children, offers Verve revealing rushes of one of this year’s most awaited film
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Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence

Transience of Enchantment

Text by Anita Nair. Illustration by Abhijeet Kini

Anita Nair delves into Salman Rushdie’s latest offering, The Enchantress of Florence, and discovers its whimsical genius. Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, is also a hot contender for The Best Booker award
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