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Luke Coutinho

Health guru Luke Coutinho
November 11, 2014

Make Mine Mini

Illustration by Farzana Cooper

Festive celebrations are de rigueur these days but does this have to translate into huge portions of food and calories galore? Health guru Luke Coutinho offers his tips and tricks to maintaining a svelte silhouette even as you dip into the season’s fare
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Luke Coutinho Combating stress with Gratitude
June 16, 2014

It’s Only Weight, After All!

Text by Luke Coutinho

Whether you want to change your life in small or significant ways, lose weight or manage stress, you have the power to do so
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Luke Coutinho

Stylishly Fit

Text by Luke Coutinho.

Are you fashionably fit? Do you sweat in style? Is your wardrobe filled with the latest gym or sportswear? Are your running shoes branded? Do you keep up with the latest editions? Make a lifestyle change and look better immediately, says fitness expert Luke Coutinho
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