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January 15, 2019

From mushrooms to coconut water, these innovative brands use unusual materials to create stunning products
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December 07, 2018

Following Chanel's announcement stating the discontinuation of exotic skins, we look at three Indian labels that have been procuring and using environment-friendly leather alternatives
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August 02, 2018

Veganism can extend to more than just your diet
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Nirvik Juneja, Director of JC Fenasia Group of Industries, leather accessories

The 24-year-old director of the JC Fenasia Group of Industries, on what sets him apart
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Leather Fashion
April 13, 2015

Living In Leather

Photographed by Miguel Angelo, Anima Creative Management. Styling by Shirin Salwan. Make-up and hair by Marianna Mukuchyan, Toabh Management. Model courtesy: Jade Willoughby, Anima Creative Management. Location courtesy: Chatterjee & Lal, Colaba

Sit back. Relax. But don’t kick off those boots yet, because leather is here to stay. Textured, perforated, woven or embellished, take your pick from the season’s feisty avatars. This luxe material is gradually becoming second skin for those who dare...
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